When I reflect on the world, and all that is in it … the not so pretty side of life; sickness, disease, death, pain, sorrow, suffering (which most of us know nothing of here in suburbia) poverty, depression, heartache, hunger, crime, war, hate, deceit, calamity, divorce, racism, evil, etc. Then there is the beautiful side of this life: love, liberty, freedom, flowers, mountains, ocean, friendship, laughter, joy, peace, health, sharing, caring, faith, community, dreams, etc.

I am reminded that, at least in my life, the one constant true north for me is Christ. In Him I find meaning and purpose. For in this world of uncertainty I find Him to be certain.

If I can just spill my heart here for a second; there was a time in my life that I had many questions (still have quite a few … but not the same ones) in regards to the reality of God and the Bible. Is God real? Does He exist? Does He care? (Cause sometimes it seems He doesn’t) On and on I questioned and even doubted what I was taught as a child ... finally landing on a firm foundation. A place I now rest with peace in my heart; God is really real. I have no doubt about that.

Jesus walked this earth 2,000 years ago and then gave His unbroken life as a substitute for my broken one. It’s what we call the great exchange! And because of what Christ did I can have an unbroken relationship with the creator of the universe. What a cool deal! I'm glad I know Him!