Top 10 signs you have no life outside church:

1) TBN is your favorite TV Channel
2) You still listen to your cassettes of Petra, Stryper, and the Imperials
3) You have no friends outside your church friends
4) You read every book in the Left Behind series and hope they keep coming out with more.
5) You own and wear the T-shirt pictured above.
6) When someone says “How are you?” you say, “Praise God Im more than a conqueror through Christ who strengthens me”.
7) Just after you sip a good cup of coffee you shout “Glory to God” even while in the coffee shop.
8) When your car breaks down you actually lay hands on it and pray that it is healed.
9) You actually own stock in the company that created WWJD.
10) When you refer to anything other than church you put the word “secular” in front of it.

Praise His name, have a blessed day in the Lord Brother!

Your friend in Christ,

Rev. Timmy Gibson
Coming Next Week ... If 4 out of 10 identify you... why that's kind of scary!