I Want to Do Bad Things - pt 1

Today I celebrate 14 years of marriage to the same gorgeous women. Neither Jana nor I are perfect… if anyone is close to perfection it would be Jana… and yet in spite of our faults we have managed to build a fulfilling, even happy marriage and home.

I say that to now say this; I am tempted to do things that would attack if not destroy what Jana and I share (i.e. Adultery, look at porn, go to strip clubs, live like a college student on Spring Break, not be Sweet, I only want to touch IF it’s going to lead to something, ignore her feelings, live for myself, etc.) The list could go on of things we all do to destroy our relationships.

Why/How can we keep ourselves from these things? … especially those at the front of the list …Committing Adultery, looking at Porn, going to Strip Clubs, and Living like a college student on Spring Break can be deal breakers for a marriage as many of you well know, or know of someone who does know. But actually, I think the damage goes deeper than that ... it's the personal "heart" damage we inflict on ourselves that really messes things up!

More on that on the morrow...
I Want to Do Bad Things… Pt. 2 “Where it all starts”