God Loves Strippers

I just listened to a podcast that told a very touching story of a girl named Kandi, who was molested as a child (when she told her parents they actually shammed her for it and said it must have been her fault) which led her to being sexually active by age 10 then getting pregnant at 13 and her parents kicking her out of the home (bad parents if you ask me!) then the only way she could see to support herself and her new baby was to take a job as a stripper, making anywhere from $1,000 - $2,000 a week.

She talks about her pain, emotional and physical… and that she prays herself to sleep every night, asking God to help her have a new life somehow someway. She even reads her Bible every night. She talked about a church that she visited with her daughter and when some church people (there is a word for these people, but I can not use it here) found out what she did for a living the shunned her, shammed her, judged her, condemned her and rejected her… she was asked to leave by the elders (someone should punch these elders in the throat) Can I just say that I hate, yes I used the word, I hate when so called Christians do that kind of anti-Christ stuff. Kandi needed love and acceptance… and especially her daughter needed it!

Of course God doesn’t want her to be a stripper, but neither does He want us doing the things we're doing!

The main reason her story touches me is that God Loves Kandi, even while she is a stripper and I so want all those who have been rejected by the church to know that! God loves you… and He hasn’t rejected you!

“...God so Loved the World…For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” John 3:16 -17 (NIV)