Sometimes I think we Christians forget that we are all (every church) a part of the body of Christ. Some are the pinky, some are the knee, others the arms, and yet others the feet. But we are all doing our part to reach people for Christ.

Wouldn't it be ridiculous for my pinky to grip, complain and gossip to the other fingers and say, "hey guys... the knees are missing it, they aren't as good as we fingers... they can't pick the nose, they can't grab things... the knees are wrong, and we fingers are right... nah, nah, nah! (I just flashed back to elementary school)

Funny illustration I know... but isn't this what we do in the church world sometimes? We compare one church to another.... when in reality each church has a specific calling and it's as different as a finger is to a knee... neither better or worse, wrong or right, just a different part of the body. All churches serve a purpose in God's kingdom... when we are gracious we see this.

I personally as a pastor appreciate every church, especially every church here in Olathe... and I for sure support and appreciate every pastor here!

Life Church, Indian Creek Community Church, Olathe Bible Church, Church of the Harvest, Pathway, Journey Church, All the Baptist churches, All the Methodist churches, all the Catholic Churches, All the charismatic & Pentecostal churches... Episcopalian, Lutheran, and on and on it goes… I have missed some I am sure... but all have their place in the community, and in the Body of Christ, and the sooner we grow up and realize it the better!

Grace to you!