No Lone Ranger

Life is a journey, and I really believe that it's important to journey with others by your side rather then being a "lone ranger".

Here at Olathe Life Fellowship I get to serve on a staff of several talented wonderful people; Brandon Hollis (most gifted musician in the world), Michele Huff (The happiest person in the world), Ralph Testerman (The kindest person in the world), Geoff Lundy (The only guy I know who can do the happy dance while playing guitar well), & Brad Hill (One of the few guys I know who is asking the right questions). I also get to work alongside many other talented volunteer leaders who serve so faithfully.

And on top of those individuals I get to be mentored by other great men who inspire me to fulfill God's purpose in my life! I just met with my mentor today and as always I was challenged, inspired, and encouraged to pursue my journey with passion!

Here is my challenge: Find someone who is ahead of you in ministry, or whatever field you are in, and meet with them several times a year to glean from their wisdom, insight and success. It's truly priceless!