Busy Doing Nothing

Do you run your life, or does your life run you?

Have you ever found yourself sitting down to knock out some emails, or just get some work done and one of your friends send you a funny youtube video... then you look at the clock to only realize you've spent an hour laughing your head off at some funny videos?

I have never done this, but I've had friends who have. (ha! ha!) I think if we are honest this (or something real similar) has happened to all of us at some time or another.

There are times I actually needed the break, and it refreshed me, but most the time I find myself "busy doing nothing" to only get to the end of an 8 hour day having accomplished NOTHING worth anything.

What I try to do: Plan my day, and then work my plan! Then at the end of my day I will have accomplished what I set out to accomplish... rather then another day gone by, busy doing nothing!