Open Theology

Saint John the Theologian

Theology is a term first used by Plato in The Republic (book ii, chap 18). The term is compounded from two Greek words theos (god) and logos (rational utterance). It has been defined as reasoned discourse about God or the gods, or more generally about religion or spirituality. The Greek word is literally translated as "to talk about God".

I am currently studying a book entitled, Christian Doctrine by Shirley C. Guthrie, Jr. It’s actually very good. Though normally I typically struggle through “deep theological textbooks” but this one is written very well. The author even throws in some humor & personality flair, which is normally absent from these types of books.

Here is a quote I just love that is in the first chapter; Who is A Theologian? “Theology deals with a God whose thoughts are not out thoughts and whose ways are not our ways (Isa. 55:8) Theologians (pastors, teachers, Christians) who are sure that they have all the answers to all questions and that their task is simply to convince others that this is so are bad theologians. They only prove that they know nothing at all of the majesty and mystery of the God who cannot be captured and mastered by any human system of thought…. You will learn more from genuine open debate than from total agreement.”

When I say “Open Theology” I do not mean open to believe anything and everything, but OPEN to discuss and allow for differences of opinion, interpretation and belief… and in the end being mature enough to say, “This is what I believe to be true, but I’ll know for sure when I get to heaven and can get clarification.”
Be open!