Open, Honest Communication

Jana and I are in a series right now called, Growing a Healthy Marriage. I think it would be fair to say that it is our best marriage series ever. The content is fresh, impactful, and in-your- face-honest. To watch go to:

I truly believe that a marriage should be a safe place to share our most intimate stuff. The stuff that is deep in our hearts... even the crazy stuff we wish wasn't there. Our fears, our desires and our dreams.

I am seeing more and more lately how important it is for couples to have that freedom with their spouse... an "I can tell you anything, and you will still love me" type relationship.

Many times the husband or the wife has a growing resentment about "something" whatever it may be, and it can't be talked about... because everytime it is brought up it turns into a blow up, hurt feelings, tears, etc. So, the spouse ends up just "living with it" and resenting the spouse as a result. Which only drives them further and further a part... until one day they wonder, "what happened?"

Bottom line: You can have a wonderful marriage, if you and your spouse work at it!