An American Privilege

I heard about something that our Fox 4 has on their site... you answer some questions and it will match you to the candidate that best matches your thoughts and values... I found it to be an interesting tool.

I want to encourage you - as a Christian and as an American to VOTE! Whether Republican or Democrat we have a responsibility to participate!

There is nothing worse than someone complaining about the “way things are, or the decisions being made” when they themselves didn’t cast a VOTE! I would say it borderlines ignorant, just to be honest. If you do not vote, that is your choice… and I have no problem with that, but please shut your yapper! I say that with all the love I can muster up. Ha!

I often am asked, “Timmy who are you voting for?” I will not say, but I will say that I probably am not going to vote for who you think I would vote for… but here is how I do make my decision:

1) Who do I trust has this countries best interest at heart
2) Who do I think can lead this country well (a strong leader)
3) Who has a good track record
4) Who has strong morals & Values (that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be a “Christian”)
5) Who will be able to make the changes necessary to make our country great
6) Who has an agenda (or vision) for doing good

I also have a distain for candidates who are arrogant and/or prideful… if they seem to want the office for power and prestige rather than to serve, then I will certainly not vote for them!

Lastly, I pray for God’s direction in this process!