Recently I received an email from someone who attended our church for the first time. The interesting part is that she has always had a heart for God, but has felt rejected by church because of her personal struggles. And the sad part is that the church is supposed to be a reflection OF Jesus...

Dear Timmy,

I just wanted to say you and the church are awesome and thank you. I finally feel like I can go to church and be accepted. I watched the “Hindrances of Prayer” sermon online and wow!! That’s why I have stayed away from church for so long. It’s taken me a long time to finally accept and love myself for who God called me to be. It was hard being catholic and having feelings for women when I am a woman myself. God bless you and please keep up the good work!
T- - - -

She referred to the sermon, Hindrances to Prayer; in that sermon I talked about feeling we do not qualify to pray because of our personal struggles. We feel that we must be perfect to earn God’s love. When in reality God loves us all, period! No matter what our struggle, no matter what, God loves us!

Be encouraged today, God truly loves you and wants you to have a wonderful life. Invite Him into your life. I promise you will not regret it.