So many choices to make each and everyday; what clothes to wear (for women: what shoes with what outfit), which cereal to eat, where to go for lunch, what project to begin first, what book to read, what show to watch, what movie to see, which car should I buy, who should I date, which one will I marry, what college to go to, which job to take... on and on we go through the life we live called CHOICES!

I think we may underestimate the importance of each and every choice we make.

I have talked with people before and have been surprised that they were surprised that their life went down a particular road… when it was clear that they chose the road themselves. We don’t get to pick the results of our decisions; therein lies the issue.

1) We chose to eat a snicker bar a day, rather than eating the “apple a day” and then we wonder why we don’t feel well. I am simplifying, of course. But the same is true.

2) We steal a car, and then wonder why we are sitting in an 8 X 8 little concrete room in Leavenworth.

3) We have sex, and wonder why or how we got pregnant. (I can draw a diagram of how this works if you need me to) J

4) We give 60% effort at work, and wonder why we got fired (laid off).

5) We ignore God, then wonder why we feel distant from Him.

I could go on, but I assume you get the point… each of us have choices to make, some big, some really important, and some small and not so important. But must I say (clearing my throat) God help us all choice wisely when it comes to the BIG IMPORTANT STUFF.

Answers to above situations:

1) Eat the APPLE
2) Don’t Steal
3) Don’t have SEX unless you want children

Disclaimer: If you are married abstinence is not a good form of “protection” for a healthy marriage. There are other alternatives I would recommend. Abstinence is preferred for the un-married.

4) Give 100% a work
5) Connect with God