True Chiefs Fan

I must admit that I am a little disappointed in some of the Chiefs fans that I am seeing on TV and hearing on the radio. They are what I would call fair-weather fans!

To me a TRUE CHIEFS FAN LOVES AT ALL TIMES! If you are only a fan when winning, what kind of fan is that? A fickle fan if you ask me. We should stick with them in the good times and the bad times!
You say, "Timmy, what has this got to do with anything spiritual?" I would say, "EVERYTHING".

We all want to be a part of a winning team, a winning company, a winning church, a winning person... but I can tell you from my short life so far of only 38 years... LIFE HAPPENS! And you don't always WIN! There are times you lose, you suffer, you get beat, you struggle, you fight, and you get black and blue... but you keep fighting!

We as a society need to learn about COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and LOYALTY through thick and thin!

So there you go... my spiritual sports moment!

Go Chiefs!