Hannah Montana

Up until Monday, December 3rd (the night of the Hannah Montana concert) we were not going to be able to make my 9 year olds dream come true. Tickets to the show had sold out in the first 11 minutes of being made available on Ticketmaster a little over a month ago. And not to mention the scalpers (“ticket brokers” sounds to legit) were selling the tickets for 10 times the ticket price in some cases, so needless to say, we were out!

Stick with me here; there is a life lesson to be learned! I promise! And here it comes!

…Then enters my persistent wife, who never gives up on something, if she believes it is worth acquiring. She had been periodically checking online to see if any tickets would go on sale at an affordable rate that we could snag up. No such luck, until 3:00pm the day of the concert… Ticketmaster listed some tickets at normal price. And that’s not all; the tickets were on the floor, just 50ft from the stage! 25th row! My ears are still ringing from the high pitched screams that can only come from the mouth of a pre-teen excited about Hannah Montana! I was one of the few Fathers there with their daughter… there was lots of estrogen in the Sprint Center that night!

Oh and it gets better yet, Shaeylea got to meet Jonas Brothers. I took her picture with them and she got their autographs. I can’t remember seeing her so excited. She even said she wasn’t going to wash her jacket since they touched it! Shaeylea getting their autographs was a cool deal too; she saw the tour bus pull into the Westin Crown Center, we ran to meet them in the foyer of hotel.

Life Lesson Learned: Never ever give up! Always hope! And if you want certain things in your life, i.e. a great marriage, a better job, etc., make it happen! Be looking for opportunities! Do what it takes to achieve those things! And even if they don’t happen like you want you can rest knowing it wasn’t from a lack of effort!