Hide No More

I along with many of you come from a legalistic church culture where it wasn’t so much about not doing “bad things”… it was about HIDING the fact you were doing “bad things”.
I say "bad things" loosely because that is subjective (subject to interpretation)… many things that were labeled “sinful” are not. Obviously I am not referring to real sins for which the Bible is clear on.
But the “list of bad things” that MAN came up with as a way to get God’s approval… making sacrifices to earn God’s love, what the Bible calls a “works” mentality… which says I can EARN God’s love, or "work" for it. For example, “drinking was a sin” (it isn’t, but that was on their “list” of bad things) so what do you do as someone who wants to appear holy (or like a good little Christian)? You HIDE the liquor and drink privately, and don't admit to doing it! I guess in their minds that was the same as NOT doing it.

I remember another example; going to movies (again, that was on the “list” of things to stay away from) so what do you do as a good little Christian who wants to appear holy? Only go to movies when you are out of town… that way no one will know! I guess its like – if no one sees me do it, I didn’t do it?

To me this is an ultimate integrity breach! I talk to so many people who stay far away from God and Church for that very reason! For God knows all and sees all, and we should live to please God.
Why not just be honest, real, authentic, open, truthful (now there’s a novel idea!); I love Jesus, and I like going to movies… and not only that, going to movies doesn’t make me any less of a Christian than those who only go to movies when out of town. It sounds so absolutely ridiculously absurd I know! But I am running into people (good-hearted-well-meaning people mind you) that still feel strongly about this HIDING thing.

When I was in Bible College an instructor actually said and I quote, “familiarity breeds contempt”. That is one of the stupidist thing I've ever heard! Jesus was familiar with his people! Here is a quote to hang your hat on, “Familiarity only breeds contempt when you are doing something contemptible”... and hiding is contemptable... not only that YOU HIDE because you are doing something contemptable! I believe if you are REAL, AUTHENTIC and HONEST with your life then the more people know about the real you the more they love and appreciate you and your life before God!
I personally know ministers of big ministries who claim a NO DRINKING policy, yet they drink privately. Hypocrisy at it's worst!
Challenge: Be naked and unashamed!