Under the Overpass

Luke 3:11 “If you have two shirts, give one to the poor. If you have food, share it with those who are hungry.”

Brandon Hollis and I just spent 24 hours in the shoes of a homeless person on September 1st, 2007. What an awesome experience!

To watch the sermon that followed that experience go to: www.olathelifefellowship.org; and click on the link "WATCH MESSAGES" and then click on Sunday, September 2nd.

Most of us are living in excess. I write my sermons with a $150 pen (it was a gift, but still...) we have MORE than enough to live and then some. Even for those of us who are tight financially, we have excess.

This became real evident to me while in the shoes of the homeless. They live on less than $300 a month (most of them)... shoot, that's my phone and electric bill! They carry a back pack with ALL that they own in it. I would take 2 of the largest U-haul trucks to hold all my stuff (not including our vehicles).

Let me just say, there is nothing wrong with being rich and having excess! I believe that is God's blessing! BUT, please make sure that your excess is not all about you HAVING MORE THINGS! And if you have children, please do not raise them that way. Teach them to give and share with others.

We, as Christ-followers, should have a portion of our increase reserved for blessing others. And if you have a home church you are a part of - do your best to give at least a tenth (10%) of all that you earn to the church so they can use the money to help others. Giving to your local church is the most imortant investment you can make!

Challenge: "Live Simply so that others may Simply Live" - Darren Tyler