Questions Christians should be asking

I think the questions we ask are very important. The questions we ask tell a lot about us; like what's important to us.

Being a church planter (that's just a person who has started a church) now for just 4 years I am seeing church, Christians, seekers and the de-churced in a whole new light. And it is causing me to ask lots of questions... like:

  • What can we (the local church) do to reach people who are not even looking for a "great church to plug into"? I am learning that seekers aren't really seeking many times. We call them seekers, but they are fine to do a million other things on a Sunday morning besides seeking a church service to attend.
  • How can we better recruit and equip Christians to lead (volunteer and serve)? Our culture in KC is "Christians come to church to be fed". And that is just not biblical. Christians are here to do the same thing as Jesus; He came to serve... He came to seek and save the lost... He came to make a difference. So should we!
  • What great innovative idea have we not thought of yet to accomplish the great commission?
  • How can we get Christians to become missionaries in their circles of relationships?
  • How can we purge selfishness out of people's hearts?
  • What can I DO to be a better Christ-follower in and through my local church?
  • What is not getting done in my church because I am not using my talent or gift to do it?
  • What does God think of Christianity? Is it what He intended?
  • What things is God really interested in?
  • What risks does God want me to take for Him and for His kingdom?

My Prayer

Dear God, help me and those around me to ask you the right questions, and I pray that we would ask from you the answers to those questions. Help us to be thinking people. People who are committed to following you no matter what. We truly want to be people of significance, people of passion, people of impact! At the end of the day God, we want you to smile on what we have done, because we have done what you have asked us to do. In Jesus name, Amen!