UnderSTANDing Leadership

“Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average” – Jim Rohn

I am intrigued by this thing called leadership. I often wonder why some do, and some don’t. Why some learn and others don’t.

Leadership is ultimately influence. But I believe great leadership is influence to do good. Too many people in this culture are poor leaders; leaders who influence people for bad.

When I was younger, even in my 20’s I had a desire to be famous. I guess I am not alone. Many people I have spoken too have wanted to be a “rock star” of sorts. This explains the popularity of American Idol show. But I have matured, at least some what; now rather than being famous I want to be influential. I want to help people have a better life.

I believe that in each person’s core we want to be a force for good rather then evil.

So that thought out; how can we grow our leadership muscle? Become more influential? Truly help people?

1.) Prayer – I know I know this seems so trite! But it’s easy to say, easy to write (or type) but not so easy to do on a daily basis! Start today!
2.) Study God’s Word – Another easy thing to say, yet difficult to find time in our busy schedules to do. Start today!
3.) Sincerity – 1 & 2 done on a regular basis will make this one really easy!
4.) Practice – Do leadership. Start small, and God will give you bigger stuff!

“The key to great influence is being great at whatever you are doing now”
– Timmy Gibson