A Fabulous Family Picnic!

It's Tuesday morning, about 8:30am and I am sitting at my desk behind the computer (not the most exciting place to be... normally I like to study outdoors, or down at Union Station... it's a much cooler look...)... I will make sure to do that later in this week!

I just had to reflect on our annual picnic and outdoor service this past Sunday, May 20th... it was unbelievable! It was our best to date! Not just because we had 500 plus people there, but much more than that... it was just so stinking fun! Brandon and the worship band did outstanding; they always do! The food was great, the games for the kids were just too cool, the petting zoo, the pony rides, the cotton candy, the sand volleyball alll just great, even though the staff team got beat by a team who called themselves "Cool Club" whatever. (ha!) Even down to the CD music that was playing during the picnic was perfect! Oh yea, and the weather couldn't have been better! Flawless!

I met so many new people, and saw even more new faces!

Have a great week! And remember, "LIFE is WHAT you make of IT!"