Jealous Much

inclined to or troubled by suspicions or fears of rivalry, unfaithfulness, etc., as in love or aims: a jealous husband.

Jealousy can drive you crazy! And it can drive the person on the other end of that jealousy crazy too! There are different kinds of jealousy, but specifically the one I am tackling today is the kind defined above that stems from a lack of trust for your partner.

Now, we all deal with jealousy on some level, it comes from our own insecurities. We don't feel good enough, so when someone we feel is 'better than us' comes around it stirs up our insecurities and jealousy is often what manifests. Of course inappropriate behavior can also create a little jealousy in someone as well. All that aside I want to speak to the one who struggles with jealousy towards their partner.

Let me start with a story about me. I was a jealous person early on in my relationship with my wife Jana, now in our 22nd year of marriage. I was jealous even when guys would look at her. And I really would be bothered if she spoke to other guys. I know, immature! I know that now. But nonetheless it was real to me. And it had a very negative effect on our relationship. Jana of course disliked it very much, and frankly it was bothersome to me too. I just didn't know how to overcome it.

What you can do to overcome jealousy in your relationship

1) Admit you have a jealousy problem.

2) Prayed for God's help to overcome it.

3) Say outloud, "I am a secure trusting person!" everyday.

4) Act opposite from what your jealous feelings tell you.

What I mean is that when you feel jealous and wanted to say something, or do something that reflects that jealousy withframe. And do the very thing you would do if you weren't jealous.

It has taken me more years than I wish to admit but I am understanding more and more that freedom is an environment that love can really really grow!


I am Jana's, and she is mine ... I trust that is true and I trust her. If she was to act in such a way that would prove otherwise than we'd deal with that, but until then I trust. And there is no point in being jealous of anyone else, I couldn't stop her if she wanted to leave anyway. And if our relationship is so fragile that if she was to talk to someone better looking, taller, better fit, with more money and she wanted to leave ... do I really want someone like that anyway? No I don't. Does this make sense?

Thoughts & Comments are welcome!