Love at First Sight

I absolutely believe in love at first sight! But 'Love at First Sight' doesn't mean that it's meant to be or that it will be a trouble free fairytale relationship. A happy relationship is built not born.

So what is "Love at First Sight." I believe it to be more than just an attraction. If you are out in public or around a lot of people you're going to experience an "attraction," it's pretty common, and totally normal. 'Love at First Sight' is something a bit deeper I feel. It's an attraction yes, but there's a connection or some pull to someone that happens on a deeper level. This still, in my opinion, doesn't mean this is "the one" you should marry. 

You walk into a store and catch someone's eye and they catch yours and there seems to be some magic between you, it's the element that all great romantic movies have in them. At least for me. I love magic, love, romance, butterflies, fairy dust, unicorns and flowers! (I know, weird, but it's just me ... and I've always been this way!)

The key to having a wonderful relationship is the magic we invest in our partner each and everyday ... along with the magic we invest in ourselves! If you want a magical fairytale relationship, then create it! Make it magical! 

I think there have been way too many "Love at First Sight" couples who got divorced and were disillusioned that the 'love' or 'magic' wore off. And sadly no longer believe in love and magic and forever. Of course the love and magic wore off! Nothing in life stays new forever! If you buy a car you must wash it, wax it, change the oil, vacuum, etc. It doesn't stay new, look new, feel new, smell new without some work. It's the same with relationships ... make the investment!