Thank you for stopping by to get more information about me and my team of wedding officiants. We are the best, at least that is what we are told :) And we will except that praise for sure. There are several reasons we are labeled as “the best” and it starts with our philosophy or goal if you will, which is to do the wedding just like you want it. We have one and only one agenda, and that is to make it awesome, that’s it. And from our reviews we have apparently done that perfectly for over 20 years now, and plan on sticking with it. Other than that, I believe the fact that we are easy to work with, professional, fun and young at heart helps too. Plus, though we are “pastors” we are not religious, but more spiritual so we are accepting of all religious beliefs, or lack thereof. Can’t wait to meet you and your fiancé to discuss how we can help make your wedding awesome and your marriage even more awesome. Peace! - Pastor Timmy


Pastor Timmy Gibson and his team of Officiants have been voted the number one wedding officiant team in Kansas City for the fifth year! Timmy, and the other officiants on his team bring a calm to the wedding day with their professional attitudes and their bright, positive, and charming personalities. He and his team will be sure to be a wonderful touch to your wedding day. 

Timmy has been in pastoral ministry for over 25 years and is the founding Pastor of Mercy Church located in Kansas City. Mercy Church is a fresh progressive non-denominational church made up of people from all religious backgrounds who share a common love for God, people and this planet we live on. Mercy Church is a great church for couples who come from different religious backgrounds or even not-so-religious upbringings yet share a common belief that there is something out there greater than us.

Mercy Church meets in Olathe (check website for exact location) every Sunday at 10:00 am for a 60-minute service. So, if you are looking for a church with people just like you, please stop by. 


Wedding Officiant Team




Timmy is an artist. He loves helping people create beautiful lives. He is a Kansas City native. He brings a calmness to the wedding day with his years of experience and professionalism. Timmy was raised in church yet never saw himself as the stereotypical religious type. He feels his purpose in life is to help people have better lives by helping them have happier healthier relationships. Timmy will definitely be a delight to work as you prepare for your wedding day. He enjoys helping couples have a wonderful day on one of the most important days of their life. He graduated seminary in 1994. Check out his blog at www.timmygibson.com/blog




Chris "Losi" has lived in Kansas City area since 2008 and is married to the love of his life, Heather!  They have 6 amazing children that keep them very active.  Chris "Losi" is a Pastor of 18 years, a Licensed Professional Life Coach and Biblical Counselor.  He attended Trinity Bible College & Seminary.  He is a speaker and consultant on leadership and people development.  He loves seeing people grow in their relationships and faith.  Outside of spending time with family and coaching, Chris loves coffee and learning.  He loves most things outdoors, and did we mention...he loves coffee!  




Phil grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas and is a hero at heart. He is a Navy Veteran serving our country during and after 9/11. Following his time in the Navy his family endured the tragic loss of their home to a fire. This loss pushed him to pursue his dream of becoming a firefighter. He now resides in Kansas City, Kansas and is a full time Paramedic Firefighter. His passion for Christ and marriage continues to drive him to pursuing ways he can serve couples on their wedding day. He enjoys anything outdoors including spending time with his wife and three children.




Thomas is the Associate Pastor at Mercy Church in Olathe and is a Realtor® with Keller Williams in Overland Park.  He has been married to the love of his life, Kassie, since June of 2012 and they were actually married by Timmy!  They have a beautiful daughter, a golden retriever and a weimaraner.  Thomas is a 2006 graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he met his wife, and a 2003 graduate of Johnson County Community College.  While at JCCC, he took advantage of a rare opportunity to sing in the Isaac Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall in New York City, which he regards as a humbling experience in his life.

Matt Turner - 1.jpg


Matt is a Spiritual Healer and teacher. He loves officiating weddings as a part of his practice. He believes there is something special in assisting those in love with their commitments to one another. Matt specializes in spiritual and non-traditional ceremonies. He brings an ease and playfulness to the ceremonies he officiates along with the couples and families he works with.

Matty pool.jpeg


Matty is a Kansas native, but lived in Colorado for a short time after high school. He eventually returned to Kansas where he met is wife and settling down in Lawrence. He worked with Timmy at Mercy Church for several years as the minister of youth. Matty brings a fun, lighthearted spirit to the couples special day. The purpose is to provide the environment where the couple can focus on each other making the day about them and their future together. Matty works for Douglas County and builds custom furniture on the side. They have four crazy kids who keep them on their toes, which often requires several cups of coffee, sunshine and many rainbows. 

Wedding Service

Pastor Timmy Gibson and his team can customize your wedding service to whatever best fits your needs, style, personality, family, upbringing and desires. The ceremony they most commonly do is a Classic Christian Wedding Ceremony, but they also have a non-religious version for those who prefer. In the consultation they will discuss additional details of your wedding day as well as address any questions you may have. These details include whether you and your fiancé are doing Unity Candle, Unity Sand, Songs, Poems, Special Scripture Readings, Special Prayers, Polka Dance, or Communion, etc.  Our philosophy is that it's your wedding, so let's make it exactly like you want it!

Wedding Packages


Included in the price:

  • (1) 30 minute Consultation

  • (3) 1/HR Counseling Sessions with Pastor Timmy ($300 value)

  • (1) 30 minute Ceremony Finalization Meeting

  • Premarital Counseling Video: Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage (Available on blog)

  • 20 Questions Every Couple Should Discuss Before Saying, "I Do!" (Available on blog)

  • Customized Ceremony

  • Wedding Rehearsal

  • Wedding

  • Signing and Filing of Marriage License after the wedding ceremony


Included in the price:

  • (1) 30 minute Consultation

  • (1) 45 minute Ceremony Finalization Meeting

  • Premarital Counseling Videos: Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage (Available on blog)

  • 20 Questions Every Couple Should Discuss Before Saying, "I Do!" (Available on blog)

  • Customized Ceremony

  • Wedding Rehearsal

  • Wedding

  • Signing and Filing of Marriage License after the wedding ceremony


Included in the price:

  • (1) 30 minute Consultation

  • Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage (Available on blog)

  • 20 Questions Every Couple Should Discuss Before Saying, "I Do!" (Available on blog)

  • Customized Ceremony

  • Wedding (We consider a "civil" wedding to be less than 50 people in attendance.)

  • Signing and Filing of Marriage License after the wedding ceremony

The Civil Ceremony is only available for weddings in KC Metro, Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm or Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm - 3:00pm. You must get verbal approval from our office to book a "Civil Wedding" ceremony. Thank you!


Included in the price:

  • (1) 30 minute Consultation

  • Mini Wedding (We consider a "mini" wedding to be less than 6 people in attendance and is done within in 15 min of where I live)

  • Signing and Filing of Marriage License after the wedding ceremony

The In-Office Ceremony is only available Monday through Wednesday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.


Included in the price:

  • (1) 30 minute Consultation

  • (3) 1/hr Pre-marriage Counseling Sessions (Not required, but encouraged)

  • (1) 30 minute Pre-wedding Ceremony Finalization Meeting

  • Premarital Counseling Videos: Seven Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage with Timmy and Jana (Available online)

  • 20 Questions Every Couple Should Discuss Before Saying, "I Do!" Available online!

  • Customized Ceremony

  • Wedding Rehearsal

  • Wedding

  • Signing and Filing of Marriage License after the wedding ceremony

*Client would also be responsible for Travel and Lodging expenses. 


Reviewed On 12/17/2013 by Hillary B

Timmy made everything easy and the ceremony was wonderful.

Reviewed On 11/07/2012 by Alexandra C

Timmy was perfect for our wedding. He was very friendly, very articulate and easy to talk to. My husband and I confided in him with some family issues that have been going on and he was more than willing to talk to us and give us advice. He was a huge hit with our family, he did a great job during our ceremony and everyone in our audience really enjoyed listening to him speak. My husband and I aren't religious but he was very understanding and treated us with the utmost respect. He is a great choice for any couple that hasn't yet found a church or if you just wanted a great speaker!

Reviewed On 10/29/2018 by Holli W

Timmy was awesome to work with! We booked him last year when we got engaged and just got married 10/20. We had our initial meeting with him last year and immediately felt comfortable and knew we wanted him there on our day. We didn’t get around to doing the complimentary sessions he offers with officiating but wish we would have. You can tell he has lots of experience and answered all of my silly questions and was so kind and friendly to me and everyone involved. Jana was also super responsive and helpful when I had questions - thank you guys so much! Truly was amazing working with you and having you around for our day!

Reviewed On 10/22/2018 by Sam K

Pastor Timmy was absolutely wonderful to work with! His passion for life and love is apparent in everything he does. We had a few pre-marital counseling sessions with him which were perfect for our needs. He was prompt in responses, great with scheduling, and most importantly made our day amazing. I can't recommend him enough!

Reviewed On 10/21/2018 by Bradley H

I have been counseled by several in the KC area and Timmy is HANDS DOWN THE BEST!!! I Highly Recommend TIMMY for Coaching/Counseling!! Do It!!! Schedule with HIM...NOW!! He has HELPED me more than I can say!! And..... He has many Gifts and talents...Even Wedding Planning/Weddings!!! Contact him!! You will not regret it!!! Thank You Brother for all you are doing for me and the wisdom I have GAINED!

Reviewed On 10/15/2018 by Lauren S

Timmy was exactly who we were hoping would marry us. He is such a calm cool guy. He made everyone feel relaxed and at ease and we were very happy to have him there to guide us through the process.

Reviewed On 10/15/2018 by Jess W

Hiring Timmy to be our officiant was the best move! Him and his wife were easy to work with, communicative, and open to us creating the vows we wanted to have. Would highly recommend!

Reviewed On 10/10/2018 by Matt J

Timmy was the best. He really helped us hone in on what made us click as a couple, and how to deal with conflicts in a way that's positive and makes our bonds stronger. We definitely hit the jackpot with each other, and then hit it again when we worked with Timmy prior to tying the knot!

Reviewed On 10/09/2018 by Johnathan W

Timmy is an amazing counselor, I came to him I did not see myself as worthy of marriage again. After meeting with him on several occasions he helped me find my own self worth. This has allowed me to meet and become engaged to a wonderful woman. I tried conventional counseling for several years and had no success. Just a few months with Timmy and I was a new person. Timmy, again thank you for your help.

Reviewed On 10/09/2018 by Lisa N

Pastor Timmy went above and beyond anything we could have hoped for. He was very attentive and listened to our needs. He allowed us to customize our ceremony and include our children which was very special for all of us. Our guest loved him and his very contagious positive energy. We chose Pastor Timmy not only because he is a close friend but because he really cared about us a couple and genuinely wanted us to be happy, healthy and married! Not to mention he continued to guide us in the direction to be a stronger couple and prayed with us which was very special to us. Pastor Timmy was perfect and we couldn't have picked a better person to perform our ceremony. We are forever grateful for all that he has done for us and continues to do for us.

Reviewed On 10/06/2018 by Kimberly Y

We’ve been seeing Timmy for marriage counseling for two years and we adore him! We wanted someone with our same spiritual foundation but who would be down-to-earth and real world. He is great at making you feel immediately comfortable.

Reviewed On 10/04/2018 by Regan B

We met Timmy a few years ago when we hired him for our wedding and premarital counseling! The premarital counseling was very useful and I loved that his marriage series included his wife. He did such a fantastic job with our ceremony that we attended his church services and used him for additional counseling with life issues. Timmy has a way of making you feel cared for and not judged. His message is one of love and his love for people, relationships and life is what makes him so great at everything he does! Both my husband and I would highly recommend him!

Reviewed On 10/04/2018 by Rebecca S

Timmy is the Best of THE BEST!!! He’s kind, caring, encouraging, and FUN!!!! He always has your best interest at heart and really listens which is rare!!!

Reviewed On 10/04/2018 by Allison W

Timmy has helped coach me through dating. My sessions with him give me confidence and reassurance. What I like about Timmy’s approach is his philosophy of being the best you.

Reviewed On 10/04/2018 by Scott B

Timmy was very personable, professional, and able to talk us through what to expect on our big day. Couldn’t recommend him more!

Reviewed On 10/04/2018 by Tavier H

He is the best! So down to earth, and will make your wedding day even more special! Highly recommend Pastor Timmy!

Reviewed On 9/14/2018 by Raven F

We loved everything about Timmy! A very easy going and energetic guy who is very experienced at what he does. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed On 9/07/2018 by Elisha G

Pastor Timmy was the perfect fit for our wedding! He provided a non-religious ceremony which is just what we needed. You will absolutely love his personality. Just an amazing individual and made our ceremony just that much better! 100% recommend.

Reviewed On 7/29/2018 by Jamie W

Hands down the easiest vendor we worked with, and he was very helpful with the many things we had no clue about.

Reviewed On 7/21/2018 by Christina K

Timmy Gibson is an excellent communicator and animated speaker. From the beginning, he made us feel confident in his ability to perform the task of a wedding officiant. We received our wedding ceremony script early in the planning process and Timmy was quick to answer any questions we had. We were happy he blended a traditional Christian ceremony with our non-traditional written vows. Also, it was a real help to us that he printed our vows and kept them for us until the appropriate moment during the ceremony. I am so happy we chose Timmy Gibson as our wedding officiant! He helped us achieve our dream wedding!

Reviewed On 9/25/2017 by Kristina L

So happy we chose Timmy to be our officiant in our Union Station wedding in May 2016! Mine and my husband's families are in Kansas City but we moved to Boston a couple of years ago. Timmy was so easy to talk to; we met with him during a planning trip to KC, he was quick to respond via email throughout the entire process, and his online counseling classes were insightful. Timmy is very talented and definitely has a calling for public speaking...his voice is soothing, witty, and touching. He sounds actually a little like Matthew McConaughey. Timmy did such a good job adapting our ceremony to us (sentimental and a little religious....he rounded everything out and it appealed to everyone but most of all to my husband and me!) We did a ring warming in our ceremony too (passed our rings in a glass box among our guests during the ceremony so everyone could "warm" them with a little prayer or wish then they returned to us to exchange during our vows) and Timmy came up with such a sweet speech to explain it. As soon as we met Timmy we knew he was the one we wanted to marry us. We didn't regret it for a second! Perfect choice!

Reviewed On 9/25/2017 by Amanda H

Pastor Timmy was PHENOMENAL! I would choose him to officiate our wedding 100 times over again.

Reviewed On 9/25/2017 by Britney B

Timmy was an excellent officiant for our wedding. We participated in his counseling leading up to the big day and felt he was an excellent spiritual and relational leader. We still use advice that he gave us years ago on our road to a better marriage. He is very kind, funny and is a wonderful officiant. 

Reviewed On 9/20/2017 by Jordan G

Timmy! He'll make you cry with his sweet words and laugh with his wit, charm and humor! He's for sure a one of a kind! Oh and look at him...do pastors get any more handsome?!

Reviewed On 9/20/2017 by Amy N

He is the BEST :)

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Krista F

We had the pleasure of having Timmy officiate our wedding! He was able to help us create a non-traditional ceremony as well as keeping parts that were important to us and our families' traditional. We've also had the pleasure of working with him after the wedding on some of your typical marital disagreements and gave us non bias advice that really helped us in the right direction. Will forever recommend!

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Jennifer G

I've worked with Timmy several times over the years and witness his work with couples. He does an excellent job of integrating the couples personality into their ceremony, and his personality always puts you at ease. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for an officiant!

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Amber B

Amazing, compassionate, caring and REAL! He brings out the best in everyone he meets and is a blessing to all that know him! As someone who has known him for over 30 years I can honestly say I am honored!

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Andy S

Timmy was excellent! Due to Hurricane Irma, we found ourselves in need of a pastor in the KC area at the last minute for our wedding that we had to plan with just 3 days notice. Timmy was happy to help, and we couldn't have been happier. He worked with us on super short notice and no one even noticed that we hadn't met but 20 minutes before the wedding. I can't say enough good things about Pastor Timmy and would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.Read Less

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Joanna H

We had so much fun with a Timmy. He really listened to what we wanted and helped make our ceremony our own. We got so many compliments on him. Highly recommend!!

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Kacie M

Timmy was a Pleasure to work with! He is the Perfect combination of easy going and Entertaining with also being super Professional and Organized! His Friendly and outgoing personality is sure to keep both The Bride and Groom, AND the Guests feeling great! We HIGHLY recommend him! 

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Kristin D

Timmy is both professional and down to earth- very fun to work with and dependable. He is especially a great resource for marriage insight, counsel and encouragement.

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Penny B

Pastor Timmy Gibson officiated our wedding last autumn. He was fantastic! He made sure everything was just the way we wanted it.

Reviewed On 9/19/2017 by Lizabeth S

I have worked with Timmy both as a bride and as a fellow vendor- I would give him 6 stars if it were an option! He is absolutely fantastic. You cannot go wrong by choosing Timmy to be a part of your wedding day!!!

Reviewed On 7/12/2017 by Amanda W

Pastor Timmy was amazing! Personalized our ceremony to us, provided great advice, and made us feel very comfortable. Highly recommend!!

Reviewed On 6/14/2017 by Nick G

Timmy was by far the most outgoing and fun man to work with... he led my wife and I on the right path and helped us make our relationship stronger with just the little advice he gave us!!! His continued follow up and monthly emails with events is awesome.... I strongly recommend him for anything you would ever need!!! God Bless Timmy and thank you for everything!

Reviewed On 6/14/2017 by Lucia O

As wedding planners we work with a ton of officiants, Pastor Timmy is by far the best. HIs ceremonies are always personable and touching, his love for what he does shines through every time.

Reviewed On 5/07/2017 by Nena D

Our officiant was pastor Chris. He was amazing! He met with us prior to the wedding multiple times to get to know us. He was fun to work with and very personable. He made our ceremony wonderful and we had multiple guests comment on how much they enjoyed it. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for an officiant. 

Reviewed On 10/30/2016 by Rachel E

Timmy is perfect, he made things fun and super comfortable. Everything from counseling to the big deal was perfect! Would recommend!

Reviewed On 10/29/2016 by Shalaya J

We couldn't be happier with Timmy Gibson! He was so personable, easy to talk to and instantly made us feel like we had known him forever. Plus our wedding party felt the same!! His advice, expertise and way of easing our fears made him an easy choice to put our big day into his capable hands. We recommend him for sure for marriage counseling and officiating for sure!

Reviewed On 8/25/2016 by Carrie S

Pastor Timmy was wonderful to work with! We were planning our wedding from afar, so we didn't get the opportunity to meet with him until a week before our wedding. Some may feel a little anxious about waiting until the last minute, but we trusted him through our conversations with him via email or phone. Timmy takes the guess work out of creating your ceremony and provides you with a ceremony template, which you can change as necessary to incorporate fun / unique vows, readings, etc. Not to mention, he owned the rehearsal, getting the attention of our wedding party, and ran through it with us in a matter of minutes! He made it easy and took the stress off of our plate. Our ceremony couldn't have been more perfect, and we are blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Timmy. He's easy-going, personable, well-spoken, and most of all, FUN. And please watch his marriage series with your bride or groom...he provides you with a solid foundation to build and grow together with your husband or wife! Thank you, Timmy!

Reviewed On 5/02/2012 by Jennifer B

Timmy is great! He met with me and my husband multiple times prior to our wedding to coach and counsel us through what we are headed into. This allowed ourselves and Timmy to get to know one another. We had many compliments after the wedding on what a great ceremony Timmy provided for us.

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