Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

Jana (the love of my life) and I just celebrated 15 years of marriage on Thursday, June 18th! Wow, time flies!

Back in January of this year as I was planning my calendar year and when I saw that we'd be celebrating 15 years I just had to do something special. I do a little something special every year, but for the 15th I wanted to do something memorable, yet inexpensive.

I am definitely a hopeless romantic and wanted it to be super special ... so I decided to take Jana back to the very church we were married in 15 years ago AND have all our close friends and the original wedding party there to share in the moment. So I reserve the church we got married in - First Presbyterian Church of Sand Springs in Oklahoma for another wedding on our 15th Anniversary, without Jana finding out! That was difficult! but I succeeded!

Time will not allow me to regale you with all the details, lies I told, and the times I had to deceive Jana all in the name of love to make sure it came together!

Once I had secured the church and the original pastor (Pastor David Plank - who was Jana's childhood pastor whose daughter actually introduced Jana to Christ as a teenager)then we were good to go! This is where Facebook came in handy ... and I got the old Wedding Photo Album out to look up all those who were actually in the wedding 15 years ago. I found most of them. Of course they were all married now with children, and living all over the country and one (Saidat) even flew in from Canada to share in this very special moment in our lives.

For whatever reason Jana and I do have a very special love relationship and truly have become soul-mates through time. We are thankful!

The story continues:
So how am I going to get Jana 4 1/2 hours away on our Anniversary to take her to the church to marry me again? That's what I was wondering!

But fortunately Jana's father lives in Oklahoma (about an hour from the church) so I thought, "okay I will just ask Jana if she wants to celebrate our anniversary at her dads this year... since he lives on 180 acres and it's beautiful and romantic..." She accepted! Good!

Now, how am I going to get her to where her original wedding dress? This is where all my dear friends came in ... Michele Huff transported Jana's dress and Bouquet (and other stuff) to church on the day of ... Danielle Hollis made all the Bride's Maids Bouquets and she made the Cake, which was yummy! and the Baergs brought a Tux for Vandon (who was the ring bearer) and Jessica Adelman (the original flower girl) brought the dress she had worn that day for Shaeylea to wear.

So on the day of our anniversary when I woke up I kissed Jana and told her happy anniversary and began having her reflect on what she was doing 15 years ago and this moment ... so we reminisced about the day of our wedding. Fun fun!

Then we got ready for our "dinner date" so she thought, and we loaded up to head to dinner, but I said "hey let's go by the church and show the kids where we were married ... and take a few pictures for memory sake?" She said, "okay, sound fun."

She actually gave me directions to the church (I acted ignorant of where it was, and acted like I couldn't even remember the name of church... lol! Awesome!) All the wedding party and friends where there at 4PM, we pulled up at 4:15PM to "take a few pictures for fun."

We snapped a couple pictures, then I knelt down and asked her to marry me ... she said, "yes" ... (she is use to me being romantic and doing things like that so she didn't think much about it ... until I opened the door of the church and said, "...again?" and everyone said, "surprise!" She ran back out of the church bawling her eyes out ...

The rest is history ... her Bride's Maids helped her get ready to "get married" again, and 30 minutes later her father escorted her down the isle of the very church we were married in 15 years before ... I was waiting at the altar with the same excited feelings I had 15 years ago ... it was awesome! During Communion Brandon Hollis sang, and during the Unity Sand Ceremony Patrick Vandiver sang.

The Reception was held at Ted's Escondido in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma ... and everyone paid for their own meal. Thank God, because 60 people attended! I am not a TV Evangelist ya know!

The picture was taken on the steps of the church ... of course we had a photographer there as well as a videographer to record this special event I worked on for 6 months!